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The best hearing protection equipment that adapts to you. You can use them comfortably during periods of high noise exposure.

SKU: 0402003 Brand:
DESCRIPTION:- Empty dispenser for 500 pairs of tampons;FEATURES:- Transparent design for better viewing of contents;- Roulette system at the bottom to control the output of tampons;- The dispenser comes with all the necessary material for wall mounting;- 16.5 x 15.5 x 37.5cm;BRAND: MEDOP..
SKU: 0403001 Brand:
DESCRIPTION:- Refill with 10 pairs of tampons;FEATURES:- Essential for intermittent noise exposures.- Foam earplugs with rim. Very practical for intermittent noise exposures.- Positioning at the nape of the neck or under the chin: they stay in place despite movement. Refills available .BRAND: MEDOP..
SKU: 0403003 Brand:
DESCRIPTION:- Dispenser with 500 pairs of tampons;FEATURES:- Polyurethane foam tampon;- The dispenser is replaced entirely with each refill and the tampons remain clean and hygienic;BRAND: MOLDEX..
SKU: 0403004 Brand:
DESCRIPTION:Band refill;FEATURES:- Oval shaped polyurethane foam cap;- Band manufactured in polyethylene;- Packed in individual bags;- 50 pairs;BRAND: MOLDEX..
SKU: 0403007 Brand:
DESCRIPTION:- Wall bracket for MOLDEX® 0403003 dispenser (sold separately);BRAND: MOLDEX..
SKU: 0403009 Brand:
DESCRIPTION:- Hearing protector;FEATURES:- Detectable earplugs made of hypoallergenic polyurethane foam Anti-loss lanyard.- Easy and hygienic insertion. Expand smoothly into the ear canal.BRAND: MEDOP..
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