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Find the perfect combination of high security protection and true comfort.

White Leather Shoe O1 SRA - DIAN
SKU: 0120001 Brand:
O1 SRAMATERIAL: perforated leather, velcro fastening;LINING: breathable mesh with high moisture absorption capacity and quick drying;INNER INSOLE: removable fabric on polyurethane foam with antibacterial treatment and active carbon;OUTSOLE: polyurethane and double density non-slip nitrile;BRAND: DIA..
SKU: 0123003 Brand:
FEATURES:- white microteck (mini-fiber reinforced with pu) water-repellent (s2) protective shoe;- non-metallic toecap top return with impact resistance to 200j, non-magnetic, lightweight (50g), elastic effect;- anatomical, perforated, anti-static, EVA and fabric insole, provides high comfort, thanks..
SKU: 0123004 Brand:
S2 SRCMATERIAL: water-repellent microfiber;LINING: three-dimensional mesh (cambrella), that provides better heat fluidity inside the shoe; seams symmetrically positioned to guarantee a fixed and resistant structure; Anti-abrasion microfibre reinforcement in the heel area.INNER INSOLE: removable EVA ..
SKU: 0123006 Brand:
S2 SRCMATERIAL: water-repellent microfiber;LINING: breathable, antibacterial and abrasion-resistant fabric;INNER INSOLE: in EVA and fabric, anatomical, perforated and antistatic. provides high support thanks to correct distribution of thickness across the surface;OUTSOLE: dual density slip-resistant..
SKU: 0123008 Brand:
S2 SRCMATERIAL: water-repellent microfiber;LINING: breathable, antibacterial and abrasion resistant fabric;INNER INSOLE: removable, anti-static, fabric lined;OUTSOLE: monodensity polyurethane, slip-resistant;TOECAP: steel, resistant to impacts up to 200J;BRAND: COFRA..
SKU: 0123018 Brand:
S2 SRCMATERIAL: water-repellent microfiber;LINING: elastic fabric (Lycra) that adjusts perfectly to the foot providing comfort and free movement. seams positioned symetrically thus avoiding internal friction to avoid hurting feet. excellent heat fluidity keeping feet cool and dry. anti-abrasion rein..
SKU: 0130005 Brand:
OB SRAMATERIAL:PVC/nitrile;LINING: antibacterial, abrasion-resistant jersey;OUTSOLE: nitrile; non-slip and with shock absorption in the heel area;BRAND: THE WELLY..
SKU: 0130016 Brand:
04 FO SRCMATERIAL: PVC with high percentage of nitrile;LINING: anti-bacterial, abrasion resistant jerseyINNER INSOLE: removable anti-static;OUTSOLE: PVC with a high percentage of nitrile, hydrocarbon resistant, antistatic and non-slip; with shock absorption in the heel area;BRAND: THE WELLY..
SKU: 0131001 Brand:
S4 SBH SRA MATERIAL: non-woven polyester/PVC;LINING: breathable, antibacterial and abrasion-resistant polyesterINNER INSOLE: removable, absorbent and antibacterial, prevents the appearance of microorganisms, reducing bad odor;OUTSOLE: PVC with nitrile rubber, resistant to hydrocarbons, antistatic an..
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