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Antistatic Gloves

A wide range of gloves that meet any need for protection in industries. There is an ideal glove for every job.

SKU: 0711001 Brand:
COMPOSITION:- Polyurethane coated nylon and carbon fiber backing;FEATURES:- Seamless backing;- Carbon fiber facilitates the dissipation of anti-static electricity;- Coated on palm and fingertips;- Elasticated cuff;- Airy back;RECOMMENDED FOR:- Electronic components;Microprocessors; Handling delicate..
Nylon & Carbon Glove Rev. Pu - JUBA
SKU: 0711004 Brand:
COMPOSITION:- Nylon® and carbon glove with polyurethane coating on the palm.FEATURES:- Extra high quality polyurethane.- No lint shedding.- Lightweight, flexible and comfortable.- Breathable.- Complies with EN16350:2014 standard. Protection against electrostatic properties.- Use of touch screens.- A..
SKU: 0711005 Brand:
COMPOSITION:- Polyester and carbon fiber polyurethane coated backing;FEATURES:- Seamless backing;- Coated on palm and fingertips;- Elasticated cuff;- Airy back;- Contains carbon fibers that facilitate the dissipation of electricityanti-static;GALGA:- 13;RECOMMENDED FOR:- Electronic components; Micro..
SKU: 0711007 Brand:
DESCRIPTION:- Constructed from an advanced blend of nylon and carbon fiber.- This glove (liner only) protects equipment such as circuit boards from the natural oils of the skin while protecting sensitive equipment from harmful static discharge.FEATURES:- Suitable for use in ESD environments.- This s..
SKU: 0713078 Brand:
COMPOSITION:- Dyneema® fiber glove with nitrile-foam coating.FEATURES:- Dyneema® fiber is a high-tech product that guarantees maximum and long-lasting protection against cutting and abrasion.- Its flexibility, lightness and cool feel make it a very comfortable glove with an unsurpassed level of brea..
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