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Shoe Covers / Cuff Sleeves

Disposable products used in suits, kits, masks, head and foot protection may serve the purpose of providing only hygienic protection or chemical protection.

SKU: 0804001 Brand:
- Disposable polyethylene cuff;- Elastic in both ends;- Bag with 100 pcs;BRAND: FIELD..
SKU: 0804002 Brand:
- Elastic tightening;- Packing of 100 units;- Grammage: 1.5g;BRAND: FIELD..
SKU: 0804002.1 Brand:
DESCRIPTION:- Shoe covers made of polyethylene; FEATURES:- Pack of 100 units;BRAND: FIELD..
SKU: 0804007 Brand:
DESCRIPTION:- The ST43 cuff is breathable for increased wearer comfort.- With elastic at both ends to ensure that no liquid or airborne particles can penetrate the barrier, this product has a much more flexible fit than many of its competitors.- This fabric conforms to the EN 14126 biological protec..
SKU: 0804008 Brand:
DESCRIPTION:- The elastic at the top of the cover provides a safety barrier across the entire boot.- These boot covers are designed for use in all work environments where footwear or floors need protection.- This fabric complies with the EN 14126 biological protection and EN 1149-1 antistatic standa..
SKU: 0804011 Brand:
DESCRIPTION:- Anti-slip Shoe Covers;FEATURES:- Microporous laminated fabric 65g/m², with PVC in the sole;- S-26cm, M-30cm, XL-34cm;- Anti-slip;- Sold by the pair;BRAND: FIELD..
SKU: 1304020 Brand:
10 Disposable polyethylene cuffs- Elastic at both ends;BRAND: FIELD..
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